Saturday, April 21, 2007

Xaverians - Nihil Ultra :)

So, I spent twelve years of my life at this place, being brought up like a god missionary-trained boy. :) St Xaviers Collegiate School, Calcutta, was formed in 1860, and since then has become one of the best private schools in the city. Our nearest competitors are La Martinierre for Boys, whom we would call La Farts! :) Of course, they copied our uniforms and tried to be as cool as us - they were the brats, while we were the so-called 'gentlemen'. :)

Aa, and all the Jesuit priests! :) Father Boris D'santos, our strict Prefect and his cane - of which I got a couple of swipes now and then. :) And some of the teachers - AC, or s Chow, as we used to acll her, during my 9 and 10 standards, and Guha Roy during 11 and 12. :)

School had two gates, and the field was behind the main building, where the 'back gate' opened up, right next to the gymnasium (up there). While I now think the gym is full of old-world charm in it's porch-like look, I hated the place during my school years - that was where I huffed and pffed my way through horrendous exercises and calisthenics. And remember, I was a pudgy schoolboy. :)

Out through the back gate, and there was 'Delights', home of idlis and 'fountain pepsi'! And right next to it was the primary school - five years spent here. :)

Proud of our motto, proud of our badge,
Proud of our colours, proud of our flag.
Nihil Ultra, Nothing Beyond,
Be it in studies or on the playground...

So let's all give a lusty cheer
Fo'r our school so dear!

Gosh, I don't remember any more of the anhthem, I'm afraid, and I haven't been able to find it online anywhere, which is a bit surprising!

Even further back on the timescale, there was Mongrace Montessori School, a stone's throw away from Xaviers. That was where I soent my fiurst schooling years, chubby as anything, and quite the prankster (I believe), and a penchant for pulling girls' pigtails! :) Of course, I didn't notice the beautiful old-world bungalow Mongrace is housed in, then!

... and the uildings oppsoite Mongrace are as ancient, it seems. Lovely old brick houses, with wooden shutters and verandahs spilling over onto the street, and tall iron gates... :)

And of course, the strangely vigilant Globe Detective Aency. I always thought how strange it was, that the seedy office was in a locale surrounded by schools. *grin*


Anonymous said...


Proud of our school and happy are we
Proud to belong to dear S.X.C.
NIHIL ULTRA, Nothing Beyond,
Be it in studies, on the playground,
In dramas, debates and contests as well
We boys of S.X.C. do excel
Politeness, obedience and honesty
Always our forte.
Proud of our motto, proud of our badge,
Proud of our colours, proud of our flag,
Banner in hand as onwards we go
Helping the weak, the lame of the slow,
And when we leave the portals so dear
we'll ne'er forget our Alma Mater
let's all give a lusty cheer - HURRAY!
For our school so dear.

(Composed by Mr. A. D'Abrew - 1970)

Fantastic job done! Am a Xaverian - Batch of 81. Keep in touch. Nihil Ultra.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I remember Mr D'abrew! It seems aeons ago... I left in 6th grade (for Bombay) but still vividly remember Mongrace and 'of course' Globe Detective agency. Can't believe it is still there...Your blogs, particularly the Cal and Bombay ones, made me very homesick. I haven't been to Cal since 1980 and am craving shigaras from Jal-khabar near the Lakes!