Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Rock n Roll!

I'm making that scary face because I'm about to devour a double-egg-couble-chicken kati roll at Park Street's famous Hot Kati Roll stall. It's about an eight inch long, three inch fat roll, wrapped in a greasy paratha, stuffed with egg, onions, capsicum, chillis, heaps of chicken, driping with all sorts of sauces, and tasting like apiece of spicy, sexy (fattening!) heaven. Nothing like Calcutta's greasy streetfood anywhere else in the cuntry! :)

Kusum Rolls, up there, is also infamous on Park Street. Right in front of the notorious Karnani Mansions, which is a reputed hell-hole of drug-addicts and pushers, pimps and hookers, this place attracts quite a good number of customers from the offices and colleges around Park Street.

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