Monday, April 2, 2007

chowringhee road

Welcome to Chowringhee Avenue, or Jawaharlal Nehru Road as the Municipal papers and no one else calls it. :) This is arguably one of the first roads of Calcutta - not just a thoroughfare today, but pretty much 'the heart' of the city. And, yes, it has traffic snarls, now and then - but thanks to the brand new flyover, these have been reduced greatly.

Was walking down the road at dusk, and here are some of the sights that struck me -

Elliot Park: Inaugurated by CM Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, it's got your usual 'dancing fountains' at night, and a beautiful lake in the midde, surrounded by landscaped gardens.

Eden Over Maidan: Green expanse of the Maidan - often called Central Calcutta's 'lungs' - and way over on the other side, you can see the towering spotlights of the Eden Gardens Stadium. The maidan is dotted with cricket and football clubs, not to mention the usual lovers. :)

Three-in-one: The dome of the MP Birla Planetarium, in front of which the statue of Indira Gandhi bows - she has probably never looked this humble in her life! :) Far behind, to the right, you can see the spire of St Paul's Cathedral surfacing from the green cover.

Menagerie: Toy birds laid out on a white sheet in ront of one of the office buildings at Chowringhee.

The famous white pants: Premankur's pants - nicked from his mum. In white corduroy. He insists, his mum had men's pants made for herself. :)

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