Monday, April 2, 2007

Chariots of Fire (?)

Something gorgeously Grand about a horse-carriage - even when it's a cheesy silver one at the Gateway. Well, Calcutta is also dotted with horse carriages. From the equally cheesy silver ones (they have swans snaking out from behind the passenger's seat!) that park at Rajabazar with their undernourished steeds, to the slightly more sedate ones that take families and kids for joyrides at the Maidan, around the Victoria Memorial. Like the one on top. :)

And, though I've never really clambered on one of them for a buggy ride, I've always found myself wishing I did. Guess I'm just too much of a silly embarrassed pansy to go on one by myself - now that would be silly, na?!

I loved this one, with the good ole Amby! :)

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