Sunday, April 1, 2007

Fancy Fare at Russel Street

The Astor Hotel on Theatre Road has been one of the foremost authorities on posh Indian cuisine in Calcutta since Donkey's Ears. And yes, the lovely old red building is terribly soothing to lounge in. They have a beautiful pool right behind the boundary wall, and you can enjoy your kebabs there next to it. This time around, granny took us all out to the o-so fancy Calcutta Club, and the tandoori food there was catered by the Astor. Lipsmacking! :)

Ad, of course right there you also have the Kenilworth Hotel, in its sparkling white building, on Little Russel Street. We used to go there for Sunday buffet lunches - no wonder I used to weigh 77 kg in those days! :)

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