Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Park

Welcome to the Park, Calcutta. One of Calcutta's most famous and earliest five-star hotels, the Park was also single-handedly responsible for introducing the pub/ discotheque culture to Cal. It's discotheque, Tantra, and pub, Some Place Else, are still one of the most rocking nightspots in the city. New entrants, like the ultra-posh lounge bar here, Roxy's, are carrying on the Park tradition. :)

Oops, and yes, at night, the loooong portico of the Park does have some pimps shuffling about, offering you 'college girls' - English Honours students are supposed to be the priciest, for whatever reason! :)

For some reason, they have these two idols of Karthik and Saraswati, in traditional dhhaaker shaaj, at the entrance of Tantra, all aglow in a weird blue light! :)

O, and if you come in the mornings, you can't miss the gigantic Oxford Book Store here, under the portico. Very expansive and very sexy, if you're a book-person. :)

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