Monday, April 2, 2007

Corporate Chowringhee

Chowringhee Avenue is also where Calcutta's Corporate Barons have their headquarters. And, over the years, they have also added to the fantastically grand skyline here:

Reliance House: Previously, it used to be the Reliance Industries building, but following the group split, it now houses the Calcutta chieftains of the Anil Dhurubhai Ambani Group.

Chatterjee International Centre: This used to be the tallest building in Calcutta some years ago - though the original 25 stories doesn't seem very much these days! - but is now pretty much considered unsafe. It was set up by Purnendu Chatterjee's TCG. The mosaic work on the building exterior is quite yummy, really. :)

Virginia House: That's where tobacco barons ITC rule from. :) It's a gorgeous old white building, in spotless condition.

Tata Steel Building: The company's multistoried skyscraper provides a fantastic contrast to the empty lot next door - which has this really ornate gate in front.

Kanak Building: The beautifully restored red brick building houses both Citigroup and Standard Chartered. It's currently under some more beautification/ renovation.

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very nicely picturised. it is very attractive and precise also.