Monday, April 2, 2007

Star Track

The Indian Idol selections were going on at Calcutta, while I was there, and I tagged along with Premankur for his interview with judge Alisha Chinai. Also present were Udit Narayan and Anu Malik, both of whom insisted on hamming it up for the TV crews by singing in their nasal voices.

Aaa, but Alisha...!

Alisha's an Indian Idol!
Have completely loved her ever since she did 'Made in India' and it was great to actually see her in the flesh. She's called the Indian Madonna and all, so of course Premankur asked her about her 'reinvention techniques'. He started off with a silly "you're looking gorgeous today", that had her blushing and giggling, (even though her black harem pants with zippers and the big clunky boots were o-so-weird!), and then of course, our intrepid reporter proceeded to grill her about other matters... including the fact that she's now working with Anu Malik, against whom she had filed a Sexual Harassment charge in the 90s....!

Ooooo... gossip! :)

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