Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Park Street Ragtag

Park Street has traditionally been the 'hot spot' of the city. The place where you have the rocking parties and the elegant restaurants, and the o-so posh Park Hotel. Just some of the grand old dames from a Park Street known for its neon lights and jazz strains...

Windmills of the Gods: Aa, but Sidney Sheldon is no more, and this is hardly gay Paree, but Moulin Rouge on Park Street is legendary for the Indian and Mughlai cuisine they serve. And their Chicken a-la Kiev is not too bad, either.

Once overhead, on a visit ages ago, two waiters discussing after the exit of a family eating nearby: "Madam khaatey rehta hain!" (madame just kept on eating!) :)

Kwality/ Quality - This was an old favourite of my entire family. This is where we used to come all the way from North Calcutta, to dine on Chicken Strogonoff and Chicken a-la Kiev. And when dad found out there was a Kwality's at both Delhi and Bombay, he was desperate to go there, too! :) Kwality's, housed under the Park Hotel building, is for old school Bengalis and Marwaris.
Chinese Cook Duck: As for Bar-B-Q, though the name suggests spare ribs, what you get here is impeccable Chinese food. This is one of the most famous Chinese haunts in the city - and even though they also opened a Indian cuisine extension, it never got as famous as its parent. :)

Sing a Song: Cuz that's what you hafta do, at Trinca's. This place is one of the last remaining restaurants on Pak Street which still have a live band playing at night, reminiscent of the rocking scene of the 70s. Mum and dad used to come here in thsoe days, to watch Usha Uthup and others perform here. And while Usha's not here anymore, the restaurant did get renovated recently, and the music still plays till late in the night here... :)

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