Sunday, April 1, 2007

Aurobindo Bhavan on Busy Theatre Road

I used to go to the Aurobindo Bhavan on Shakespeare Sarani (Theatre Road) for the children's library. Actually, my grandfather had suggested that I become a member there, once I hit class 5 and the school syllabus required me to come up with all those fancy 'projects' etc. So, while my brother had been a member at the British Council library across the street, it was li'l ole Aurobindo Bhavan for me. :)

Of course, the place is not about just the library! It's the focal point of the Aurobindo Society in Calcutta. The building is this really lovely old heritage structure, and also houses a theosophical library, an apiary, meditation centre, shop for handicrafts and tribal products, etc. It's an amazingly peaceful place, complete with twittering birds and huge palm fronds. Very nice if you want to be in a quiet place.

Yes, yes, I know the library seems like a mini-jail, with all the barred windows, but this is really the place where I discovered Enid Blyton and al the rest! :)

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