Monday, April 2, 2007

In the middle of Middleton Row

During my college/ school years, Middleton Row, that little patch of street behind Park Street, was mainly important for Loreto House and Loreto College. They were our sister school/ college, and there was all that fascination and swaggering bound to happen in an all-boy's school. Of course, the spire of the resident church at Loreto's - Saint Thomas - was also very impressive. but that impressed me only later on.

Went inside the chapel this time around and attended 4 pm mass. It's a small church, but very neatly done up, with very colourful paintings and murals on the walls. The service was actually conducted in indi - from the sermon to the hymns - and that was a bit of a surprise. Also, my HIndi sucks - big time. :)

Leaving the chapel, you're right in front of the old YWCA building, which also houses Golden Spoon restaurant. This place was quite afmous during the 70s for its rolls and biryanis, and mum says, she and dad were often to be founf here in thsoe days - yes, my dad was a Xaverian like me, and mum did college at Loreto! :)

And a short walk away from Golden Spoon brings you right over to Park Street - and the all-too famous Peter Cat near the junction. Peter Cat's chello kebabs are legendary! :)

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